Special Agent Dana Scully

NOTE: Characters and such are property of Chris Carter, 1013th Productions, and 20th Century Fox. The following profile was taken from "The Official Guide to the X-Files: The Truth is Out There" by Brian Lowry.

Name: Dana Katherine Scully, M.D.
ID Number: 2317-616
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight: (unknown)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Date of Birth: 23 February 1964
Birthplace: (unknown)
Current Address: 3170 W. 53 Rd. #35
Annapolis, MD
Telephone: (202) 555-6431
E-Mail: D_Scully@FBI.gov
Distinguishing Marks/Features: None (except from another source I read "abduction mark on back of neck"
Marital Status: Unmarried
Father's Name: William Scully, Captain, United States Navy. Served in the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1961. Died December 1993.
Father's Address: Deceased
Mother's Name: Maragaret "Maggie" Scully
Mother's Address: (unknown) Baltimore, MD
Siblings: Elder brother, William "Bill Jr." Scully Jr. Elder sister, Melissa Scully (deceased). Younger brother, Charles Scully.
Education: B.S. Physics, University of Maryland, 1986. Medical degree, (unknown), residency in forensic pathology.
Publications: Senior thesis: "Einsteins's Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation."
Current rank: Special Agent
Weapon: Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm rounds)

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