Dana Katherine Scully is a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where she assists Special Agent Fox Mulder on a project outside the bureau mainstream, labeled "The X-Files."

Born on February 23rd 1964, to Margaret and William Scully, Scully grew up with an older sister, Melissa, and two brothers, William (Bill Jr.), and Charles. Growing up she developed a strong religious background, and she started to lean towards a medical career, writing her undergraduate thesis for her degree in physics, "Einstein's Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation", and receiving a medical degree, as well as a B.S. in Physics, where she went on to teach at Quantico Academy as a forensic pathologist.

Dana was recruited out of medical school to join the bureau. Her parents always thought of it as an act of rebellion, especially her father, both wanting her to continue following the path of medicine.

Scully worked as an agent for about two years, until she was called into a meeting by Section Chief Scott Blevins. Knowing about Scully's abilities, both as an FBI agent, and as a medical doctor, Blevins assigned Dana as a partner to Special Agent Fox Mulder, meant to debunk his work, as well as write field reports on the validity of the cases. Blevins went on to tell Scully about how Mulder had been working on "The X-Files," cases involving unexplained phenomena and the paranormal.

Scully had already heard about Agent Mulder from the academy. He had developed quite a nickname, 'Spooky Mulder.' However she had heard he was an excellent agent, having graduated from Oxford, and worked as a psychologist in the Violent Crimes Section, profiling killers, until he had come across "The X-Files."

Scully met with Mulder, and they both quickly became best friends, many times risking their lives for one another.

Scully always challenges Mulder, but still her beliefs rarely change. She's always spouting off scientific facts as she continues to believe in science and faith, rather than in Mulder's theories about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and the like.

During their cases, a great deal of tragedy happened to the two of them. Things that would change Scully's life forever.

The unexpected happened, in 1993 "The X-Files" were shut down, and Mulder and Scully were left alone to fight their own battles. However, the two continued to work together somewhat secretively where Scully would help Mulder when she could, with autopsies and the like. However Mulder had been partnered again, this time with Alex Krycek, whom Mulder did not trust, which was a good thing.

During a hostage case Mulder had been working on, the unthinkable happened. Scully was abducted, believingly by Mulder, by aliens. A former agent, Duane Barry, had taken Scully to Skyland Mountain where she was 'taken away.' She finally was returned months later, but no one knew how she had come back, in a coma, and mysteriously had woken up with no memory of the events that had taken place.

The Lone Gunmen, three of Mulder's, and now Scully's, allys, found that Scully's blood contained inactive branched DNA, as a waste product, acting as a poison. They didn't think even a healthy person would be able to live through that, but mysterious, Scully did.

That wasn't the only tradegy that had happened to the Scully family. Scully lost her father early on into the first year of partnership, due to natural causes; a massive corronary. However, when Dana lost her sister about a year after her abduction, it was in no way natural. Melissa had been shot, in a mistaken identity of Dana, by now a former agent of the bureau, Alex Krycek, and his accompliss (His accomplish was the one who fired the shot).

Scully found out her troubles were far from over. Because of a metal detector, she found that there was a metallic 'implant' under the skin at the base of her neck. Once removed, it was analyzed by Agent Sean Pendrell (I found his first name in "The X-Files Game" stradegy book), and he found it to be a computer chip that stored memory, implying that it possibly could read her thoughts.

Dana went to Allentown, Pennsylvania and met some women who had had the same experiences as her, and had had implants removed from the backs of their necks.

About a year later, Scully was attacked by a man, Leonard Betts, who needed cancerous tumors to survive. Somehow he had a sixth sense to tell when people had tumors or cancer, and then he would kill them so he could consume the cancerous masses. Betts attacked Scully telling her 'she had something he needed,' as he did to his other victims. Scully woke up that night with a nosebleed.

Through tests it was found that Scully had cancer, a nasal pharyngeal mass, a small growth on the wall between her sinus and cerebrum (spinoidal sinus and superior concha). The type and placement of the tumor made it difficult to treat, making it inoperable. Statistically if it pushed into her brain, there was about zero chance of survival.

Scully was told by Curt Crawford that all the women from Allentown had developed identical brain tumors, and all refused treatment because of their insistence of the facts, all dying within the space of a year. All except Penny Northern, who was very sick at the hospital.

Scully went and talked to Penny, and she remembered being with Scully 'in the white place,' but Scully still remembered nothing of the ordeal. Later in the hospital, Penny Northern past away like the others.

Mulder had found that the doctor that was treating Scully for the cancer, Dr. Scanlon, was working at the same medical facility the Curt Crawfords had been at, where he had been told by them that the women were being abducted for their ova, and were now barren, and that they were their 'birth mothers.' Mulder kept some of Scully's ova.

Later, as Mulder continued to search for the cure, he found something of great value. A vial. Mulder had it analyzed by the Lone Gunmen, but it only contained deionized water. Cigarette-Smoking Man told him that he would give Mulder everything he wanted if he worked for him. Mulder seemed to be at a loss for what to do as he cried at Scully's bedsite. To prove what he said, Cigarette-Smoking Man told Mulder that the cure to Scully's cancer was in the vial (among other things - he brought Mulder's sister to him, but it's not known for sure if it was really her). They looked at it again, and sure enough there was something in the water. A tiny implant.

Mulder told Scully of his discovery. Although her family disaproved, Scully decided to try it. The implant was placed under the skin at the base of her neck. She misteriously recovered; her cancer went into remission. However no one knew for sure how it happened.

Scully's problems were far from over. Scully went to her brother Bill Jr.'s house for Christmas, feeling bad that her sister-in-law, Tara, was having a baby (Matthew), because she knew she never could, which she finally told her mother. It was later discovered that Scully had a child that had been born into another woman. Emily Simms was a little blond girl that Scully learned to love, and tried to adopt, but it all ended too soon when they found that Emily had toxic green blood like they had seen before, and she past away. Emily was cremated.

On a later case, Scully was subjected to a possible mass abduction which she couldn't explain. All of the people on the bridge at the time were killed (burned) except for her, and one woman, Cassandra Spender, who was missing.

Later, during a tough case, the unexpected happened. The X-Files were destroyed in a fire, by Cigarette-Smoking Man, and shut down. Scully and Mulder continued working together on 'normal' cases, until a case that brought them to Dallas, Texas.

This came to be one of the most trying cases ever. Scully was even ready to quit the FBI. Because of certain circumstances, Scully's life was in jeopardy. Mulder and Scully stood in Mulder's hallway where he told Scully how much he needed her, how she made him a whole person, and they were about to kiss (actually they did touch lips:) when Scully was stung by a bee carrying a virus which she became infected with. It caused an alien fetus to grow within her. She was taken away to Antarctica where she was frozen in a pod while the alien grew. Thankfully Mulder rescued her in time with a vaccine.

Scully decided that she couldn't work without Mulder, so she decided to stay with him no matter what happened. Then the best thing that could have did. The X-Files were reopened.

By: Jamie Ruby

All of this information was taken from the shows "The X-Files," and "The X-Files Movie," and belongs to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, 20th Century Fox, and the other owners/writers, ect. I just compiled the information (actually most from memory) and wrote this biography. No infringement is intended.

The graphics were also made by me.

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